Advanced car physical model:

offroad3d physical model
The main focus of the game is car physical model as we are highly dissapointed by current android off road games physics. Most if not all of them are using very simple physical representation of the car wheels and suspension, where the wheels are physically represented by only one point. This results in quirky behavior on bumpy surfaces and disallows believable simulation of open wheel cars. We wanted to avoid that so ve developed more complex system where the wheels itself are physical objects, has its mass, therefore behave much more realistic and enable basic suspension principles like sprung/unsprug mass ratio what is very important value in real life suspension design, therefore play important role in believable car physics simulation.

Open world:

offroad3d open world
Freedom is necessary when it comes to off road driving so our game takes place in one huge open world. That means no borders around the track, simply you can drive anywhere in the world, which is currently over 16 square kilometres. This concept also has advantage of no loading times for different tracks.


offroad3D destruction
We hate when you hit little road sign in a racing game and it stops your 100km/h speed car on the place while keeping the sign rock solid. Thats not gonna happen in OffRoad3D. Destruction means fun in games so things which should break will break.